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Peppermint Silk Pyramid Teabags

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Our organic peppermint teabags are currently out of stock due to popular demand.

We will be restocking at the beginning of October.


Our peppermint tea, which is now available in pyramid teabags, has a menthol kick and a buttery, crisp flavour. It is one of our most popular infusions, naturally caffeine-free and ideal for a pick-me-up after a rich meal, a calming alternative to your usual afternoon teas, or a bedtime soother.


Our silk pyramid teabags are 100% biodegradable, plastic-free and glue-free. They are made from Soilon, which is made of biomass material derived from plants.


Peppermint Leaves

Minty & Buttery


Transparent light yellow, with a tinge of green