About us


Teatulia is an international organic tea brand from Bangladesh, founded in 2000. It is the largest organic tea brand in Bangladesh, and is sold in Japan, China, the USA, Germany and the UK.

All its tea is grown at the Teatulia garden in the north of the country, where more than 3,500 mainly female employees grow tea and herbs according to low-intensity natural farming methods. They are paid good wages and provided with healthcare and education. 


Where does your tea come from?

Most tea companies buy their leaves in bulk at auction, mixing produce from different gardens according to price and availability. At Teatulia we grow everything ourselves. Over nearly two decades our tea garden in Tetulia, near the Indian border of northern Bangladesh, has transformed arid scrubland into a lush haven for plants and wildlife.

Every leaf of our tea is 100% organic, grown by workers who are paid good wages and supported by cooperatives. When you buy from us, you are helping to improve lives in one of the world's poorest regions.

You are also getting a delicious cup of tea.