Caffeine in Tea

Tea leaves contain caffeine. For some drinkers this is essential, and a big part of getting them up in the morning.


Speak to many British people, for example, and a cup of strong black tea, with milk and sometimes sugar too is the first thing they consume in the morning, long before a coffee on the way to their office.


Caffeine itself is an odorless, colourless chemical, a member of the xanthine family, which has a bitter taste when submerged in hot water. It is naturally occurring in green and black tea, but the exact amount varies, so if you are concerned about your caffeine intake check each variety so you are happy with it.



Caffeine can stimulate the metabolism, improve alertness and enhance mood, but everyone has a different tolerance for it. For some sensitive drinkers, even a small amount of caffeine can lead to anxiety, restlessness and even insomnia.


There are options, such as our lemongrass tea, for example, which is naturally caffeine-free.



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