Teatulia Podcast

The first season of our podcast features interviews with the actor Tilda Swinton, Lawrence Osborne, Lionel Shriver and Rory Sutherland, as well as highlights from our tie-in with Granta magazine, including a chat with the Booker-prize winning novelist, Howard Jacobson.


Here, they discuss their work, lives and careers, as well as explaining the thinking behind some of their choices for our Living Bookshelf.





Rory Sutherland - Ogilvy


Episode 9: Rory Sutherland



Ed Cumming talks to Rory Sutherland, advertising world legend and author of Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don't Make Sense. They discuss why Red Bull tastes so bad and is so expensive, why airplane departure boards don't predict delays, and why Trump works.






David Szalay



Episode 8: David Szalay



Ed Cumming sits down with novelist David Szalay, author of All That Man Is and a new collection Turbulence, to discuss the books that changed his life, which range from Animal Farm to the Murder of Roger Ackroyd, by way of The Pound Era and The March of Folly.



Lawrence Osborne



Episode 7: Lawrence Osborne



Ed Cumming is joined by the novelist Lawrence Osborne to discuss his favourite books (which take a journey from Simenon's France to Matsumoto's Japan, via Haywards Heath), the dangers of publishing a novel in your twenties, and why London literary life holds no appeal to him.




Lionel Shriver


Episode 6: Lionel Shriver



Ed Cumming is in conversation with author Lionel Shriver about her new short story collection, Property. They also touch on the controversies surrounding her Spectator columns, and the price authors pay for getting political.



Richard Beard


Episode 5: Richard Beard



The fourth of our collaborations with Granta magazine. This time, Rosalind Porter talks to the writer Richard Beard about his book The Day That Went missing and how his ideas about grief and memory are shaped by the death of his brother.





Evie Wyld


Episode 3: Evie Wyld



The third of our collaborations with Granta magazine. This time, Luke Neima is in conversation with the novelist Evie Wyld, talking about landscapes, violence and the moral quandary of dog ownership.



Howard Jacobson


Episode 2: Howard Jacobson



Ed Cumming talks to Booker Prize winning author Howard Jacobson about his new collection of essays and how to balance novel writing with journalism. They also touch upon Trump, Corbyn, Fleabag and VAR in a wide-ranging discussion.







Tilda Swinton


Episode 1: Tilda Swinton



On this, the first episode of The Teatulia Podcast, Ahsan Akbar talks to actress Tilda Swinton about her guest edit of Aperture magazine, Virginia Woolf's Orlando, and the ten books she'd keep above all others.