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Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

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A rich, complex, fascinating tea, to be savoured on its own.

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Oolong is often seen as the most masterly variety of tea, requiring great skill from the tea-master. It is neither black nor green, but falls somewhere between the two according to the desired effect. Tea sommeliers think oolong has as much variety and range as wine. For Teatulia's Oolong, leaves are withered when just picked, then cooled, rolled partly oxidised, roasted and rolled again, to achieve the balance between fruity and herbal, sweet and roasted, and light and full bodied. Oolong must be brewed with care, and its leaves can often be steeped several times to unlock different flavours.


Oolong Tea

A stunning, full-bodied cup with hints of fresh pie crust, lemon and sake

Sweet butterscotch with spicy and floral notes

Warm yellow-orange